Private Lotto 24 was allowed to offer online lottery

The subsidiary of the German gaming giant Tipp24, the first online lottery, has received a new license for internet sales nation wide. Thus, the company may again offer lotto games over the Internet.

Since 2009, it was forbidden for state lotteries to offer betting through private intermediaries in Germany. Since the 1st July, however, the new gambling treaty got into action, allowing Internet sales again.

The license, issued to Lotto24, will be valid for a period of five years; it, however, must still be signed by North Rhine-Westphalia. But that would only be a formality. The license, however, is bound to strong regulations and strict youth protection guidelines.

Throughout Germany, it may be advertised on the Internet and on television only after a ratification by North Rhine-Westphalia. In the forthcoming months, it is estimated that additional licensing will actually follow. The easing of regulations has certainly got some impact on the approval of the sports and football betting provider.

This is highly likely to move in the foreseeable future forward again.

The first licenses for sports betting provider have been issued. Schleswig-Holstein has awarded its first licenses for the private sports betting companies.

Betfair, Betsson and Oddset may now offer sports betting on the Internet available for players residing in Schleswig Holstein. The authorization will be valid until 2018, and are subject to strict conditions and regulations. The Secretary of Interior receives applications which are currently of 23 other gaming establishments. Moreover, there were queries for 14 more providers of online casino games such as poker, roulette, baccarat and blackjack coming from Schleswig Holstein.

As regards the liberalization of the gaming market, the law is the basis for approval. In this way, Schleswig Holstein goes far beyond the common liberalization of the other 15 states.