All Results and the Championship Schedule

Odds for the Championship Title

The odds of the football betting increased and the bookmakers speculate on the 4th European title for Germany in the face of a tough first round group.

Before the draw in Kiev, there could barely even 4-times European Championship odds be gotten for Germany, so now there currently are odds already running up high on EM 4.50. Nevertheless, Spain remains the top favorite among the best bookmakers, with odds between 3.20 and 3.50. Holland remains at odds, with rank 3 to 9-fold, who has been at odds with England as well, but now a similarly high (about 10-fold), and a potential winner EM side.

Measured against the drastically increased odds of EM Outright, the Danes are the most obvious losers in this group’s draw. Before Denmark was staggered in a group with Germany, the Netherlands and Portugal, there were rates up to 70-fold for the 2nd Title after 1992, and now you can loose 100-to-1, partially even 150-to-1 in the betting programs of the EM bookmaker.

All results and the Championship Schedule
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The finals of the Euro 2012 football championship has just been drawn at 18 o’clock in the Ukrainian capital Kiev. Should the supposed “hammer group” in this case be the German Group C: Germany meets the Netherlands there, Denmark and Portugal are put together. The hosts Poland, however, had bad luck of the draw. Football fans can look forward to it but always expect high-class groups, and thus – an exciting Championship in Poland and Ukraine.

The luck of the draw this time was not Germany, but rather the EM-hosts Poland Hold. In a lucky draw – for Poland – for the country came away unscathed – with Greece, Russia, Poland and the Czech Republic is in a balanced group, without the absolute top teams, advancement is quite feasible.

Quite different, however, are the impressions from the B Group, which is true for the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany and Portugal, these we can clearly call the “deathly” group. In Group C, the European champions Spain has been placed, together with Italy, Ireland and Croatia. In contrast to Poland, Ukraine is the second EM-host in Group D, and has it much more difficult: here Sweden, England and France are certainly the toughest challenge; they will need to clear the Ukrainians out of the way.

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